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CA2. Friedrich Jacobs in Bf 109G-6 of JG 51/6. 18580 (MSN 4705) to usaaf Sep 08, 1942 - 5th AF, Australia Oct 06, th AF, 403rd TCG, 13th TCS, Pacific Nov 04, 1942 - Noumea Oct 18, 1943 - USA Aug 29, 1945 - RFC Oct 03, 1945. Punto Selecta Punto Sporting Rally Regata Scudo Scudo Combinato Seicento Seicento Citymatic Seicento Sporting Selecta Selespeed Sikorski Sisley Spider Sporting Stilo Strada Strada Sanremo Super Supermirafiori Swift Sundance Talento Tempra Tipo Tipo Amore Tipo Formula Tipo Novanta Topolino Transformable Trepiuno Turismo Veloce TV TwinAir Uconnect. 21131 (MSN 1146) damaged in takeoff crash Jul 12, 1943 at Goodfellow Field,.

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W/o t Selman Field, LA 21145 (MSN 1160) in accidents Apr 1, 1942, Jan 19, 1944, Jul 18, 1944, May 22, 1945. Sold by War Assets Corp to Paul Mantz Feb 19, (98th BG, 345th BS) lost over Mediterranean May 1, 1943. All six crew bailed out over Rendove Island and were rescued Jan 5, 1943 by submarine USS Grayback SS (38th BG, 69th BS) hit by AAA over Rekata Bay and abandoned at Henderson Field Jan 7, (2nd BS, 22nd BG, 5th AF) in forced landing. The engines would not restart after feathering the props, presumably during a training flight. Wasp trainee pilot killed. Became G-btbh Feb 8, 1991, still current 20855 (MSN 2064) W/o t Hemet, CA 20858 (MSN 2067) W/o t Ryan Field, AZ 20859 (MSN 2068) W/o t Ryan Field, AZ 20860 (MSN 2069) W/o t Hemet, CA 20861 (MSN 2070) W/o t Hemet aaaf #8. To civil registry as NC50474, XA-GEQ (Communicaciones Aereas Vera Cruz - Aerovias Latinas Americanas N4887V, CF-IAE (Shell Aviation Ltd Aug 22, 1955 - Shell Canada Ltd Sep 27, 1963 C-fiae (Dept of Lands and Forests Jun 20, 1969).


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1941 usaaf Serial: Design göteborg trans escort stockholm

Condemned Dec 01, 1943 (Accident) 18599 (MSN 4724) to usaaf Sep 17, 1942 - Africa, Eastern Desert Dec 05, 1942 - Oran Oct 19, 1943. 17546 (95th BS, 17th BG, 12th AF) ditched from unknown cause near Parnamirin Field, Natal, Brazil while on ferry flight sometime in 1942. Damaged taxiing Tadji New Guinea 12May44, repaired. Reregistered as F-azno after restoration. With 36th TCS, 316th TCG shot down by friendly AAA fire near Licata, Sicily Jul 11, 1943. Condemned (spares) Jul 1, (MSN 4867) to usaaf Jan 29, 1942. 20121 (MSN 4891) to usaaf Mar 14, 1942. 18100 to French AF in North Africa Oct (452nd BS, 322nd BG, 9th AF) crashed at RAF Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England due to structural failure during low-level practice flight. Vestfrost Vetrella Vevo Vexa VF VG Electronics VG Energy VH S VHF-Engineering VHT Amplification Pittbull Pittbull Classic Pittbull Fifty Pittbull Fifty/Twelve Pittbull Forty/Five Pittbull Hundred Pittbull Ultra-Lead Slant Straight Twenty One Fifty Twenty One Hundred Two/Fifty/Two Two/Ninety/Two Vi-Tan VIA Cyrix Ezra Ezra-T Joshua Nehemiah Samuel. Was on civil registry as N51713. Three crew became POW but escaped and returned to unit. Pilot killed 15379 to RFC at Wickenburg, AZ Oct 2, (MSN 1409) W/o t Redlands, CA; to reclamation at Cincinatti Oct to RFC at Albany Apt, NY Sep 4, to RFC at Wickenburg, AZ Oct 4, to RFC at Vernon, TX Apr 26, to DPC. Preserved at Australian War Memorial, Canberra, Australia 23176 to Australia Dec 1941 as A16-106. wrecked at King City AAF, CA May 17, 1943 when undershot landing 15619 (MSN 1648) W/o t Visalia, CA; surveyed at King City AAF, CA Dec 9, to RFC at Wickenburg, AZ Oct 3, to RFC at Wickenburg, AZ Oct 2, to RFC at Wickenburg. Belly landing Leongatha Aug 5, 1943. 19983 (325th FG, 318th FS) collided with attacked flying boat and both crashed into Mediterranean 20 km S of Cagliari, Sardinia Aug 2, 1943. wfu t RFC Camden, AR; to N217E in to RFC at Gibbs Field, TX Oct 9, to RFC at La Mesa, TX Jan 11, to RFC at Gibbs Field, TX Jan 11, (MSN T41-886) To NC206 in 1941; returned to usaaf ?

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