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Peru -. Fort Leavenworth, Kansas: Combat Studies Institute Press. In Tributaries, Volume VII, 1997. In some areas such as near Somalia, patrolling naval vessels from different nations are available to intercept vessels attacking merchant vessels. Citation needed Ahvenanmaa, its Finnish name means "Land of Perch " and is partially borrowed, partially folk-etymologized from Germanic. 1990 chief commissioner of Tripura (1949-51). Retrieved 5 September 2011. Friuli : from the Latin Forum Julii (The market of Julius which at the beginning referred only to the city of Cividale, founded by Julius Caesar and then extended to the whole region. July 31, 2010 secretary-general of the European Free Trade Association (1972-75). Vague citation needed In the Late Middle Ages, the Frisian pirates known as Arumer Zwarte Hoop led by Pier Gerlofs christian dating service in cape town gotland Donia and Wijerd Jelckama, fought against the troops of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V with some success. 15, 1912, Berlin, Germany acting foreign minister of Germany (1879-80 son of Joseph Maria (Ernst Christian Wilhelm) von Radowitz. Solothurn : the city of Solothurn, capital of the Canton of the same name, first appears under the Celtic name Salodurum. 15, 2003, he was further sentenced to three years in prison for proclaiming the independence of his province during the 2002 political crisis. 21 The Kowloon peninsula and New Territories were later added by the 1860 Convention of Peking and the 1898 Convention for the Extension of Hong Kong Territory. La vraie nature La Wehrmacht La Zona Lab Rats: Elite Force Labyrinth Lâcher prise Lady Dynamite Lady Georgie Laguna Beach : Le vrai Newport Beach Laguna Beach : The Hills Lakmi Boomy Lance et Compte(Cogne et Gagne) Lanester Lanfeust Quest Largo Winch Larry et son. He was also mayor of Guadalajara (1998-2000 president of the Chamber of Deputies (2009-10 and ambassador to Spain (2012-13). Wales : From Proto-Germanic word Walhaz, meaning "Romanised foreigner through Old English welis, wælis, wilis, meaning " Romano-British to Modern English Welsh. April 26, 2010, New Delhi, India governor of Himachal Pradesh (2008-10) and Rajasthan (2009-10). In 1922 Austria ceded Ödenburg to Hungary and dropped the numeric prefix Vier- four the remaining three counties became Burgenland. Ranke-Heinemann Ranke-Heinemann, Uta (Johanna Ingrid née Heinemann (b. Raymond's nomination over Greeley on the Whig ticket for lieutenant governor of New York in 1854 led to the dissolution of the famous political alliance of Greeley, Thurlow Weed, and William. 29, 1930 -. Il était une fois. Chuck Mason, Piracy: A Legal Definition, Congressional Research Service (December 13, 2010) External links. Refers to the province's location in the north-east of South Africa. 6, 1946 governor of Maluku (2003-13).

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